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My  name is Dalia Morris I was born in South Sudan and moved to Egypt In 1994, due to civil war my family and I immigrated to the United States in 2002. I've been through different environment and cultures, I've seen many things and learned how to adapt, and yet I continue to rise. My journey through life allowed me the opportunity to find peace and truly love myself. My second love is fashion, beauty and people divided equally. Dalia's Kollection is one of the kind custom made, high quality without that bougie price tag. What made me started this business is I wanted to create a make up line for all girls with different skin types. I don't like what society defines beauty nowadays I wanted to bring diversity and culture into the makeup industry. Also, to allow women's to embrace themselves and feel confident and love.  I have always been able to find beauty in people and my kollection is my opportunity to provide some additional Fierceness into lives of people like you who are already beautiful.